Commit to Quality 

“Qualus” is the Latin derivative of the word Quality. Whether we are providing work to a client or partnering with prominent companies, our deliverables will always be held to the highest standard.

Quality is the cornerstone of our company because it drives consistent executives, creates a distinct marketplace advantage to support sustainable growth, and promotes learning and improvement. 

Quality Policy

To build a Culture of Quality and value across the Qualus organization that is founded in our passion for people and process and embraces a commitment to:

  • Value-add products and services delivered safely and on time to ensure "Client Once, Client Forever"
  • Understand the why to drive human and organizational performance, continuous learning and improvement
  • Right people, right seats, right process

Quality Objectives

  • Develop, maintain, and continuously improve integrated, right-sized organizational processes, owned by those closest to the work, to assure the consistent delivery of quality products and services within budget
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to control and asses organizational process effectiveness
  • Inspire all employees to own the quality of work produced through effective coaching, mentoring and training
  • Reduce the probability of human error, leading to quality or safety incidents, with the integration of human and organizational performance concepts, tools and systems into daily operations
  • Instill an Operational Excellence (OPEX) mindset through collaborative leader partnerships and use of lean thinking concepts and tools to enhance operational performance and realize gains in efficiency.

















The Value of Quality

The Quality Policy & Objectives provide a high-level overview of our vision of Quality, but in order to bring that vision to life, specific activities are needed to consistently implement this vision. The following is a description of these key activities that Qualus is conducting, each day, to provide quality of service value to our clients. 

Process Development & Update


Qualus maintains an expansive collection of technical and administrative policies, procedures, work instructions, checklists and forms that have been prepared by our process owners (those closest to the work) to document the standardized way of servicing our clients. Periodically, these documents are reviewed and updated to incorporate changes resulting from analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), incident management findings, post-mortem project lessons learned, and operation excellence efforts.

Document Management

Qualus has established a robust document management system to manage and control all documents residing in our document repositories. The main goal of our document management system is to ensure that all employees are accessing the latest documented standard practice when performing their day-to-day activities and that these repositories are readily accessible to all. 

Process Quality Control

The fundamental goal of process design is to "bake" in quality control steps that will allow our teams to detect errors early in the lifecycle of a project to prevent the likelihood of error in the final product or service delivered to the client. This is accomplished with the implementation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) steps in each of our product and service delivery core processes. These steps will, minimally, include peer reviews, quality control checks, and thorough evaluation of client standards and requirements performed at various points during project execution to assess the overall "health" of these core processes, all of which are actively tracked and monitored to understand process compliance, systemic issues and drive process improvements. 

Incident Management

When an error does occur, resulting in a reportable incident, our primary focus is to "seek to understand", learn, apply the right actions to ensure that this error is prevented the next time, and to share the outcome of this effort in a very transparent manner with our clients. Using well-established human and organizational performance principles, we collect data and information surrounding an incident, followed by analysis to determine casual and contributing factors, then develop a right-sized, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound) corrective action plan, which is then tracked to closure. Our error reduction philosophy is about understanding the behaviors that contributed to the human error(s) on this task, at this time, by this person. 

Measuring Performance & Driving HP Behaviors

Quality metrics, to include Incident Rate, Health Ratio and Incident Aging are reviewed by our executive leaders, routinely, and used to measure performance against established quality and human performance goals. In addition to these metrics, periodic assessment of Gray Books (Client Reference Manual) and Yellow Books (Project Reference Manual) are also used to assess operational performance. Quality metrics and assessments are intended to better understand the effectiveness of our personnel training and qualification, enterprise systems, core processes and HP tools with an eye on continuous improvement to drive HP behaviors, business results, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

Operational Excellence (OPEX)

The Quality team has been on the front-line, partnering with business and operational leaders to establish strategic objectives and facilitating business/operational performance optimization efforts intended to gain efficiencies, thereby, providing a for a more scalable workforce and better value for our clients. This has been accomplished with the introduction and use of lean tools and practices by trained and certified Black and Green Belt staff.