Qualus is a proud supporter of renewable energy development, and we have extensive experience in the renewable generation industry, working on multiple utility interconnections into the electric transmission grid through geothermal power, wind generation, and solar power projects.

We understand the unique and necessary purpose of these resources and have a strong commitment to the communities they serve. We look forward to continued partnerships with entities that develop renewable energy now and in the future.

Geothermal Power

Through working with both power purchasing utilities and geothermal developers, we have rendered crucial support to bring geothermal projects to fruition.

Wind Generation

Wind generation projects come with highly technical challenges that must be addressed to integrate wind into an existing electrical system. We provide project management for the utility integration of planned wind generation development and are instrumental in bringing clarity of the unique requirements associated with wind generation dynamics into the grid.

Solar Power

We are experienced and staffed to fully support photovoltaic and thermal solar projects. We have engineering expertise to prepare proposals in support of utility power purchase agreements for renewable energy, as well as the engineering and technical staff to complete the infrastructure design, permitting, interconnection design and construction management for the project as well as step up/down substation design, protection and control engineering and settings.

Environmental Permitting and Compliance

We provide services to clients for permitting electric, gas, and water infrastructure, new high voltage transmission lines and substations, renewable generation development and other utility related projects. Specifically, we obtain permitting of new water intake diversion structures, high voltage transmission lines, waterway crossings, new roadways, and multitude of renewable energy related projects.

We have expertise in water quality compliance, erosion control, best management practices and field monitoring of permit requirements. We work well with contractors to help the project meet all permitting requirements and can understand the agencies’ needs so that all expectations are met with minimizing impacts to schedule and budget.

DER Service Offerings

  • Apparatus Testing
  • Collector Substation Design
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construct
  • Equipment Specification
  • Field Service Commissioning
  • Generation Interconnection Studies
  • Maintenance Testing
  • NERC Compliance
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Procedure Creation
  • Protection and Control Settings and Design
  • System Planning

Battery Storage Service Offerings

  • Lithium-ion, Sodium–sulfur, or Flow
  • Battery Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Detailed Design
  • Estimating
  • Foundations
  • O&M Services
  • Owner's Engineering and System Protection
  • Permitting Procurement
  • SCADA Interface
  • System Impact Studies