Data Centers

Data center infrastructure has become increasingly critical in our day-to-day lives with incredible growth happening in the next several years to support industrial IoT-driven technologies, cloud storage and more. Critical systems are reliant on these tier 1 to tier 4 data centers working correctly and constantly to ensure resiliency, availability, reliability, and superior performance. Qualus has the technical experience, geographic coverage and emergency capabilities to ensure that these systems are operational and effective 24/7/365. Mission critical services include system design, commissioning, test and maintenance to ensure that data center infrastructure is installed correctly and maintained properly.

Field Testing and Site Maintenance Services

  • Installation, start-up and commissioning of electric power equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Circuit breakers and switchgear
  • Generators and controls, auto switching
  • Transformers, power cable and bus systems
  • Protective relaying and relay upgrades
  • Thermographic scanning and infrared surveys
  • Battery installation and distribution system design, upgrades
    and additions
  • UPS systems

Engineering and Design Engineering Services

  • Substation and distribution system design, upgrades and additions
  • Power factor and power quality analysis and correction
  • System load studies and protective relaying coordination
    studies, NFPA70E Arc Flash Analysis
  • Electrical code compliance inspections
  • Ground systems analysis, testing and design
  • Energy management
  • Equipment failure forensics and arc flash hazard studies
  • System design review and verification
  • FERC-NERC Services

In-Shop Remanufacturing Services

  • Retrofit, repair, remanufacture and retrofill of circuit breakers
    and switchgear
  • Motor control centers, starters and contactors
  • Bucket retrofits and upgrades
  • Matching line-up for legacy switchgear

Equipment Supply

  • Motors and drives (VFD’s)
  • Vacuum/SF6 replacement circuit breakers
  • Protective relays upgrade/door replacement
  • Generators and controls
  • Transformers—dry-type, padmount and substation
  • Soft starts, MCC’s and control panels
  • Match-in-line switchgear
  • Ground-fault monitoring and protection
  • Test equipment
  • Advanced metering
  • Motor and feeder protection relays
  • Safety equipments Company
  • Data Center Resiliency Audit