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Legacy GridBright to help Grid Operators comply with FERC Order 2023

Legacy GridBright has launched a new service to help North American transmission grid operators quickly comply with new regulatory rules for interconnecting both large and small generators.

The new service is largely based on legacy GridBright’s AI-based Renewable Interconnection Siting (AIRIS) tool. AIRIS already helps renewable developers expedite the integration of new energy resources through Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to find optimal Points-of-Interconnection. AIRIS also automates congestion impact analysis studies across large transmission areas and visualizes the results with geospatial displays of grid network topology, satellite imagery, and heat maps of available grid capacity.

Legacy GridBright will offer a version of AIRIS to all North American Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs), and other Transmission System Operators (TSOs) affected by the new FERC order. Legacy GridBright engineers will help operators design and implement an overall architecture using AIRIS to streamline and automate the interconnection process, reduce long queue backlogs, improve process transparency, and prevent undue discrimination for new technologies.

Expediting the integration of renewable energy resources into the grid is a critical enabler for the Energy Transition. Optimized integration of renewable resources helps reduce grid congestion and greenhouse gases while improving grid reliability and overall energy security.