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How IEC 61850 Training Improved my Career


Authored by: Daniel Khoroshansky, PGE Engineering Manager

The power industry is always learning and improving on itself, even during times of limited business travel and in-person meetings. Standards continue to be adopted and training for those standards will always be essential to stay current and maintain excellence in our field. Beginning March 1-5, 2021, QualU will offer a new training on the international standard IEC 61850. This five day training provides an overview of key fundamentals and principles of IEC 61850, including data modeling, communication, testing, and networking aspects. The training class will be held virtually, utilizing the latest technology to provide both live classroom instruction and opportunities for practical application. 

When I took the IEC University course, I was able to gain first-hand experience implementing GOOSE protocol, MMS, and Sampled Values in a 61850 design implementation. In addition to learning more about the standard itself, we created 61850 files for multiple vendors, loaded them into the relays, and worked through the multiple test modes covered by the standard. The instructors of this course, who have each played a large role in the ongoing development and rollout of the IEC 61850 standards, clearly presented a high level of mastery in IEC 61850 standard development and implementation; their in-depth presentation of each topic demystified this standard and presented a structured approach to evaluating when and how to implement this standard.

Our IEC 61850 course will be held 100% in a virtual environment with the added component of a hands-on virtual workshop that integrates the latest Ed.2 devices from prominent vendors in the field. All attendees will join live virtual sessions and also remote into a virtual digital substation to practice real time applications of the information learned in the instructional portion of the training. This integrated format allows attendees to move newly learned information from theory into practice right away, rehearsing the work required to implement IEC 61850 immediately. This type of training helps attendees catch any gaps in their understanding and complete the training course with a clearer awareness of IEC 61850 and its benefits.  

IEC 61850 offers a shift in communication protocols as part of a greater transformation of the modern power grid. If you are currently working in this field, specifically P&C engineering, communications engineering, or as a relay technician, our QualU IEC 61850 training can help you prepare for the changes that accompany this standard, and keep your training and understanding of your professional field current. As a licensed PE and engineering leader in P&C, I found this training beneficial and I now have a much greater understanding of the skill set required for a larger scale rollout of this technology in the U.S.

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